Muong Thanh Oceanus (Vietnamese Mường Thanh Viễn Triều) Apartment for rent

18/05/2021 | 15:47

Muong Thanh Oceanus (Vietnamese Mường Thanh Viễn Triều) and is situated at 5 Pham Van Dong, P.Vinh Phuoc behind the northern bridge near to popular unique rock formation Hon Chong and just 50 m from the beach. Muong Thanh Oceanus has 6 40-floor story towers (5 residential towers and 1 hotel) Building amenities

This place has full facilities to serve residents with the commercial center, restaurant area, spa, cafe, entertainment area.

From Muong Thanh Oceanus Nha Trang apartments for rent, guests can easily move to beautiful landscapes in Nha Trang such as Marina, Hon Chong, Vinpearl Island, Institute of Oceanography, Ponaga Tower, Dam Market...

We have a lot of apartments in Muong Thanh Oceanus Apartment for rent, apartments from 1 bedroom to 3 bedrooms. Here are some typical apartments:

1. Muong Thanh Oceanus apartment for rent | 2 bedrooms | 9.5 million

2. Muong Thanh Oceanus for rent | Two bedroom, OC1A | 8 million

3. Muong Thanh Oceanus Apartment for rent | Two bedrooms | 6.5 million 

4. Muong Thanh Oceanus Apartment for rent.| 3 bedrooms | Seaview | 12 miliion 

Building facilities and amenities in Muong Thanh Oceanus  Nha Trang

1 underground parking

Floor 01: reception, lobby, shopping center, coffee bars,

Floor 02-05: hotel apartment, gym, spa,

Floor 06-40: residential units

5 residential towers

OC1A tower

OC1B tower

OC2A tower

OC2B tower

OC3 tower

Fees for living in  Muong Thanh Oceanus Nha Trang

Management fee: 500k VND/month 

Motorbike parking fee: 100k

Electricity 3.3k/KW

Water: 16.6k/m3

Outside image in  Muong Thanh Oceanus Nha Trang


Hon Chong beach in front of Muong Thanh Vien Trieu Nha Trang apartments

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