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Panorama Apartments for rent is located at 02 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Loc Tho Ward, close to 2/4 Square. Panorama Building is an apartment and hotel complex consisting of 39 floors, 1112 apartments, apartment area from 33m2 - 70m2, 1 bedroom, and 2 bedrooms; building with 5-star facilities including luxury spa services, transparent infinity pool, and modern gym.

Booking day rent:

                       1. Studio ocean view with bathtub
                       2. Studio ocean view
                                 3. Studio Cityview
                                 4. Studio family

Located in the central area of ​​Nha Trang city center, facing the sea and 2/4 square, Panorama is a resort icon for all visitors to Nha Trang. With this prime location, this Panorama attracts a lot of visitors every year, it is a getaway with easy access to the must-see attractions of the city.

Panorama offers many quality amenities to enrich your stay in Nha Trang. Guests can enjoy on-site features such as free wifi all activities, daily housekeeping, a free swimming pool, a gym, 24-hour front desk. All rooms at Panorama are furnished and also provide amenities such as towels, floor mats, clothes racks, slippers, TV screens, electric stoves, refrigerators, and some appliances. to cook a light meal. With a wide range of hotel services. A panorama is an ideal place for travelers looking for comfort and convenience in Nha Trang.

Panorama achieved 2 records in Vietnam

The first record is "The first hotel complex with 2 saltwater swimming pools, the first tempered glass bottom in Vietnam". This swimming pool is located on the 6th and 40th floors; Part of the swimming pool is designed with a tempered glass bottom, allowing swimmers to see through the scenery below.

The second record is "Saltwater infinity pool with tempered glass bottom at the highest altitude in Vietnam". The swimming pool is located on the top of Panorama, more than 150m above the ground.

We have many apartments in Panorama Nha Trang for rent long term. Some typical apartments are below.

1. Studio, Seaview | 15 million [ ID: 135 ]

2. Studio, Cityview | 10 million [ ID: 136 ]

3. Studio, Cityview | 10 million [ ID: 137 ]

4. Studio, Seaview | 14 million [ ID: 138 ]

5. Seaview | Bathtub | 15 million VND [ ID: 151 ]

6. Cityview | Bathtub | 9.5 million VND [ ID: 152 ]

7. Seaview | no Bathtub| 13 million VND [ ID: 153 ]

8. Cityview | no Bathtub | 9.5 million VND [ ID: 154 ]

Building amenities in Panorama Nha Trang

  • 2 basement parking

  • Floor 01-03: retail stores, business offices

  • Floor 04-05: shopping mall

  • Floor 06: coffee bars, karaoke, cinema, children’s play area

  • Floor 07-38: 1097 units

  • Floor 39: saltwater infinity pool

Utility Fees in Panorama Nha Trang

Management fee: 8.000 VND/ m2 /month

Water: 8k VND/m3

Electricity: 3.500 VND/kWh


Outside image in Panorama Nha Trang





The image inside in Panorama Nha Trang



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